BLESSED be the Shem of Yahweh FOREVER – 25

Subject:  To the ONLY wise God be glory Forever through Jesus Christ.  Amen! 

So far we have been studying the doxologies in Romans.  There is a total of 4 doxologies in Romans.

We have studied 3 doxologies and today we will look at the 4th doxology:  

Romans 16:27 " to the only wise God be glory for evermore through Jesus Christ! Amen."

This doxology ends the entire book of Romans. The major theme of Romans is the Gospel message of God's work of salvation and righteousness for mankind, Jews and Gentiles alike.  Paul concludes his epistle by focusing everyone to give glory to the only wise God who accomplishes His redemptive salvation plan through Jesus Christ.  

We can take note of the following points: 

  • Both God and Jesus Christ are mentioned in this doxology
  • The glory is to be given to the only God forever and forever
  • Again as in previous doxologies, the object of glory is the only (monos) wise God
  • There is only one God and glory is to be given only to Yahweh God forever.
  • What about Jesus Christ?  
  • It doesn't say that Jesus Christ is the only wise God
  • Notice it is 'through' Jesus Christ that glory is given to the one God
  • Romans is concerned about God's redemptive salvation work accomplished through our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Without our Messiah, we cannot be saved.  The redemptive work of Yahweh is accomplished through Christ
  • Yahweh God exalted Christ to sit on His right hand.  Without Christ, our mediator, we cannot come to God and glorify God.

Yes, to the only (monos) wise God (theos)  be glory forevermore through Jesus Christ!  Amen!

Here are a few more doxologies in the New Testament echoing the same theme of monotheism:

1 Timothy 1:17
To the King of ages, immortal, invisible, the only (monos) God (theos) , be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Jude 1:25
To the only (monos) God (theos) , our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and for ever. Amen.

We are often used to thinking of Jesus Christ as our only Savior.  Who is the Savior in Jude 1:25?  It is Yahweh God who is the Savior here.  Yahweh God is our Savior who saves us through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Jesus Christ is also our savior.

Have you noticed that all these years, we have put the focus on Jesus Christ as our savior?  We have sidelined Yahweh God, who ultimately is the central figure - our Savior in God's redemptive plan of salvation. Read the Gospel again with new eyes and you will discover the same underlying truth as expressed here in Jude 1:25 .


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