Calling On Yahweh's EVERLASTING Name - 2

Subject:  Your Name, O YAHWEH is EVERLASTING

Calling on God's Name is something that the Psalmists naturally do in their prayers.  You see this all over the place in the book of Psalms.

But sadly today, when we share with Christians that they need to call on God's Name in prayer, they look very puzzled and their minds are full of questions. 

Some of the questions I get asked are:

1.  How do I call on God's Name?
2.  What exactly is God's Name?
3.  Which name of God do I call on?
4.  How do I pronounce God's Name correctly?

Their questions are legitimate because down through the centuries, Christians have stopped calling on God's Name.  We don't know where to begin.  All of a sudden "Calling on God's Name" becomes a 'study' that we need to look into, just like what we are doing in this Blog page.

This Blog page is a good start to bring us together to the importance of calling on God's Name.  

In this new topic #6, I want to impress on your mind that first and foremost, you need FAITH to call on God's Name.  It is not a method that you need to learn.  It is not a theory that you need to memorize.  

You must have FAITH when you call on God's Name, because God's Name,  Yahweh is an Everlasting Name.

Psalm 135:13   Your Name, O Yahweh, is EVERLASTING.

1.  Psalmist specifically calls on God's Name in prayer: "O Yahweh".
2.  Psalmist recognizes God's Name is everlasting.

The Hebrew word "everlasting" is "olam". 
Olam means to last forever.  

Our Names are not eternal. We live in this physical world where everything is temporal.  Temporal things are things that belong to this age.  What we can see with our eyes do not require faith.

Nothing on this earth lasts forever.  Everything has an expiry date. 

Our Everlasting God has an everlasting Name that lasts forever. 

God's Name, Yahweh, lives forever.
God's Name, Yahweh, never grows old.
God's Name, Yahweh, remains true always.
God's Name, Yahweh, will never change.
God's Name, Yahweh, has no expiry date.

Can you see that God has given us something of great eternal value?  
Do we have faith to call on God's Name that carries everlasting significance?

Now we begin to understand why we do not call on God's Name.  Sadly, most Christians pursue things of this temporal world, what they can see with their eyes and what they can grasp with their hands.  As a result, all their times are spent on things that soon expire and disappear in front of their eyes.

Who wants to spend time on prayer?  Do you spend time with God?

To call on Yahweh is to spend time with the Everlasting God.  You cannot see God with your eyes.  You need FAITH.  We walk by FAITH, not by sight. This is the most important principle in prayer when we call "O Yahweh, your Name is Everlasting." 

Our everlasting God has an everlasting Name that never expires.
God’s Name, Yahweh, also lives forever.
God's Name, Yahweh, will never die.

Let's hold on to God's Name Yahweh and spend time today to call upon Yahweh.  

  • It maybe just 5 minutes.  Try it.  It is a good start already.  
  • Whisper from your heart, "Your Name, O Yahweh, is everlasting."

Tomorrow we will learn from a servant of God who calls on Yahweh's Everlasting Name.  Can you take a guess who he might be? It is in Genesis.


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