Calling On Yahweh's EVERLASTING Name - 4

Subject:  Isaiah calls on Yahweh's Everlasting Name

Here is another servant of God who calls on Yahweh's Everlasting Name.

“O Yahweh, You are our Father, our Redeemer; Your Name is from everlasting.” (Isaiah 63:16)

1.  This is Isaiah’s prayer. 

2.  Isaiah calls on God’s Name, Yahweh. 

3.  Isaiah recognizes God's Name is everlasting. "Your Name is from everlasting."

Isaiah, like Abraham, has faith in Yahweh's Everlasting Name!

To many people, God is just a great idea with no real existence.  

I want to impress on your mind in this series of topic that the God of the Bible is an everlasting God with an everlasting Name.  

This everlasting God is actively involved in our lives. So when we call out to Yahweh God,  we experience a personal God who relates to us intimately like a Father and Redeemer.

He has given us His Name so that we can call out to Him.  
His Name, like Himself, is Everlasting.

Let us have faith to call on God’s Everlasting Name.  
Indeed, Yahweh is our Father and Redeemer.


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