Slide 1 ** One Name but many Titles **

** One Name but many Titles ** - Slide 1

1. God has only ONE Name.

2. God Himself says: "I am יהוה this is my name." Isaiah 42:8

3. יהוה – This is God's Name written in 4 Hebrew letters. 

  • Often, it is transliterated as YHWH or YHVH. 
  • There is a long history regarding the pronunciation of YHWH. I will explain this at a later time. 
  • For now, whenever we see יהוה we will pronounce it as "Yahweh".

4. God did not say this is one of my names.

5. "This
is my Name" – Singular!

  • I used to think that God has many names. I thought He was also called the "Eternal King", "the Lord", "the Holy One", "God," "El Shaddai", etc.

  • Eternal King, the Lord, the Holy One, God, El Shaddai are not "Names".

  • They are "Descriptive Titles". They describe God's character and what He does.

God plainly tells us His Name:

Isa 42:8a "I am יהוה this is my name."

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