'My Name" - 6

Subject: "My Father's Name"

God’s SHEM represents God’s authority.

When we do things in the SHEM of God, we are actually acting under the authority of God. 

Jesus uses this phrase “My Father’s Name” twice to emphasize his authority comes from Yahweh.
1.  John 5:43, I come in my Father’s Name

God gives authority to Jesus through His SHEM. Jesus bears God’s Name and acts completely under the authority of His Father.

2.  John 10:25… the works that I do in my Father's Name, they bear witness of me.

Jesus’ works have power because he acted in his Father's Name. God gives power to Jesus to do miracles and to cast out demons. 

God's SHEM signifies God’s highest authority. 

Jesus spiritual authority came from his Father. 
  • God gave spiritual authority to Jesus because He lived in total submission to His Father.
  • Jesus' life released God's power and authority to teach, do miracles, heal the sick and cast out devils.

Jesus' name is important in the New Testament. 
  • God chose this name for Jesus. 
  • Jesus' Hebrew name is "Yeshua". 
  • "Yeshua" means "Yahweh saves". 
  • Yahweh's Name is actually embedded in Yeshua's' Name. 
  • This is why we can also call on Yeshua's Name as Yahweh has also given him all authority and lifted him up high with a name above all names.

In the future, we will study about the greatness of Jesus. His greatness is summed up in walking in His Father's Name.

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