'My Name" - 1

This week, we are starting on the 3rd Topic: “My Name” 

God invites us to call on His ‘Name”, not His Titles. 

  • Titles have limitations. 
  • Titles tell us what God is like but they do not reveal who He is. 
  • Titles also do not inspire faith in us as titles can readily refer to pagan deities or humans. 

God speaks of “My Name” in the Old Testament 52X. 

God desires so much to reveal Himself through His Unique Name.

God’s Name, Yahweh, has revelations.

God gives His Name to us, not for Himself, but for our benefits.

God’s Name inspires faith in our hearts.
  •  When we call on His Name, we must have faith. 
  • Prayer without faith is useless. 
  • God hears and answers the prayer of faith.

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