BLESSED be the Shem of Yahweh FOREVER – 2

Subject:  Praise the Name of Yahweh

Psalm 113:1-3 

Praise Yahweh! Praise, O servants of Yahweh, praise the Shem of Yahweh! Blessed be the Shem of Yahweh from this time forth and forevermore! From the rising of the sun to its setting, the Shem of Yahweh is to be praised!

These words give us a glimpse of how Psalmists in the past bless the Shem of Yahweh. 
Take note of the repetition of 3 different words in these 3 short verses.

1. Praise    – 4X
Yahweh – 5X
Shem    – 3X

These words are not just peculiar in this Psalm, but they also have the most occurrences in the entire book of Psalm when compared to other OT books.

Praise    –   137x  in OT; 75x in Psalms
Yahweh – 6828x  in OT; 664x in Psalms
Shem    –    771x in OT; 115x in Psalms

Even the word ‘
Bless’, Psalm also has the most occurrence.

           – 288x in OT; 68x in Psalms

**I am also providing statistic graphs for you to see everything clearly in one flash. Please take a look at the 4 graphs also.**

These statistics reveal to us where the Psalmists put their emphasis when they pray.

Their prayers are very God orientated and Yahweh centered.

1. Call Yahweh
2. Bless the Shem of Yahweh
3. Praise the Shem of Yahweh

Where is our emphasis when we pray?


Word Statistics Graph 1 - "Praise" in Old Testament

Praise in Hebrew is: הִלֵּל (Halal) 
137x in OT
75x in Psalms


Word Statistics Graph 2 - "Bless" in Old Testament

Bless in Hebrew is: בָרַךְ (Barak)
288x in OT
68x in Psalms


Word Statistics Graph 3 - "Yahweh" in Old Testament

Yahweh in Hebrew is: יהוה
6828x in OT
664x in Psalms

"Yahweh" appears most frequent in the book of Psalms, the book of prayer.

We too need to call out to God's Name "Yahweh" when we pray.


Word Statistics Graph 4 - "Name" in Old Testament

Name in Hebrew is: שֵם (SHEM)
771x in OT
115x in Psalms

In the graph, you also see that "Shem" occurs quite a lot in Genesis and Numbers. In both of these books, most of the time, "Shem" refers to human names and not God's Name.

In Psalms, most of the time, "Shem" refers to God's Name.

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