This Is My Name FOREVER - 5

SUBJECT: To make for Himself an EVERLASTING NAME

God is eternal and He desires to make Himself known through His Name to all generations. 

There is no name more worthy than God’s Everlasting Name. 

God’s Shem is Olam.

Isaiah 63:12 

That led them by the right hand of Moses with his glorious arm, dividing the water before them, to make for Himself an Everlasting Name.

  • The context of Isaiah 63 is talking about the Exodus events. 
  • Throughout Exodus, God puts much emphasis on His Name.

How did God make for Himself an everlasting Name?

1. When God called Moses, what did God give to Moses?   
    The Name of God, Yahweh.

2. What was Moses instructed to say to Pharoah? 
   The Name of God, Yahweh.

3. How did God explain the meaning of Yahweh to Moses? 
    Yahweh is an Everlasting Name.

4. How was Moses going to deliver the Israelites from Egypt? 
    Again it is God's Name, Yahweh.
    Tell them "I am Yahweh". 
    This phrase repetitively occurs 62X in the Exodus events.

5. How did God reveal Himself to Moses? 

   By proclaiming His Name: Yahweh, Yahweh.

So in the 40 years of the wilderness journey, God progressively reveals His EVERLASTING NAME to Moses and the Israelites.

** God makes for Himself an EVERLASTING NAME **

KNOW THIS: All revelations are hidden in The EVERLASTING NAME

Application:  Call on God's Everlasting Name and let Yahweh God reveal Himself to you also.

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