Day 10 Psalmists address Yahweh By Name

Yesterday, what did you discover when you read from Psalm 1 to Psalm 41?

Just reading the opening lines of some of the Psalmists prayers in Book 1 reveals to us how saints of old enter into prayer.

Psalm 17:1  Hear me, Yahweh, my pleas is just.

Psalm 18:1  I love you, Yahweh, my strength.

Psalm 21:1  The king rejoices in your strength, Yahweh.

Psalm 25:1   In you, Yahweh my God, I put my trust.

Psalm 26:1  Vindicate me, Yahweh, for I have led a blameless life.

Psalm 28:1  To you, Yahweh, I call; you are my Rock

Psalm 29:1  Ascribe to Yahweh, you heavenly beings.

Psalm 30:1  I will extol thee, O Yahweh.

Psalm 31:1  In thee, O Yahweh, do I put my trust.

Psalm 33:1  Rejoice in Yahweh, O you righteous.

Psalm 34:1  I will bless Yahweh at all times.

Psalm 35:1  Plead my cause, O Yahweh.

Psalm 38:1  O Yahweh, rebuke me not in your wrath.

Psalm 40:1  I waited patiently for Yahweh.

Can you feel the impact of how the Psalmists pray?

This is self explanatory!
What do you see in one flash?

Address God's Name In Prayer

The saints of old make it a point to call out to God's Name "Yahweh" when they enter into prayer.

This matter is so obvious that it totally escaped my attention all these 30+ years of being a Christian. What a shame.

As we move along in this devotional series, we will discover the reasons why it is so important to call on God's Name when we enter into prayer.

This could be the missing element in your prayer life as it was for me.

Do you call out to God's Name when you enter into prayer?

Have you ever tried to call out to Yahweh when you start your prayers?

Call "Yahweh" From Your Heart

When you call on God's Name, Yahweh, do not 'mouth' His Name. This is not calling out to Yahweh. Never pay lips service to God.

As I watch myself and people who call out to Yahweh, I witness a deep stirring in our souls to take hold of God Himself. It is an awakening moment from within. You will know it yourself. From thereon, you get strengthened in faith calling on His trusted Name.
God always answers this kind of prayer.


1.  Call out to God's Name Yahweh whenever you enter into prayer. 

2.  Call from your heart.


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