Day 8 Yahweh - 664X in Psalms

"Yahweh" is the #1 most frequent noun in the Bible

The Hebrew word for "Yahweh" is:  יהוה
The word "Yahweh" appears 6828X in the Old Testament.

Take a look at the above graph:

The left column inside the red box contains the list of Old Testament books.

The green bar graph inside the blue box gives you a visual view of the number of occurrences of Yahweh in that specific book.

There are a lot of insights we can draw looking at this visual graph.

Can you see which book has the most frequent occurrences of Yahweh?

It will be the book with the longest green line to the right.

Which book is it?

The Book of Psalms has the MOST occurrences of "Yahweh".

Isn't this interesting!
Yahweh occurs 664X in Psalms.

What insight does this give us?

In fact, this should not surprise us!

Psalms is a Book of prayers and worship.

Psalms is a collection of poems, praises, and songs expressed in worship directed to God.

a.  Half of them were written by David.

b.  His son, Solomon wrote 2 of them (Psalm 72 and 127).

c.  Asaph, the music director wrote 12 of them.

d.  Another 12 were written by the sons of Korah, the Levites who served in the Temple. 

e.  Heman, the singer wrote Psalm 88.

f.  His companion, Ethan wrote Psalm 89.

g.  Psalm  90 is Moses' prayer.

h.  48 Psalms are anonymous.

Whenever I read these Psalms, I feel within me an eager yearning and longing to draw near God to touch Him.

Read a few of the Psalms for yourself and you will know what I mean.

Not all Psalms are prayers. Some are didactic and liturgical known as wisdom Psalms which are designed for teaching purposes. Some are Messianic containing prophesies on the Messiah.

For now, we will concentrate on Psalms that are prayers directed to God.


Read Psalms 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,12,13,15 before you go to bed tonight and pay attention to the name of God, Yahweh.

Remember, whenever you see the LORD in all capitals, the Hebrew word is the word "Yahweh".  It's unfortunate that translators replaced God's Name with "LORD".  By doing this, God's Name is taken out from the Bible.

So whenever, you see "LORD", read Yahweh.


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