Day 13 Elijah & Elisha - Stand Before Yahweh

Over the past couple of years, I've read and re-read Old Testament to understand what God wants to reveal to us through His Name, Yahweh. After all, this is the most important word in the Bible, appearing 6828X.

I read through all the passages on prayers to see how men called upon Yahweh. There are so many things to share and right now we are just touching the tip of the iceberg on calling God's Name.

Today, we want to look at how the prophets pray. 

When the prophets call on Yahweh's Name, they are very conscious of the fact that they are in the presence of Yahweh.

What does it mean to be "in the presence of Yahweh"?

It means "they stand before Yahweh".

In the Scripture, the phrase "Before Yahweh" occurs around 233X.

Let's look at two prophets today: Elijah & Elisha


A.  Elijah calls on Yahweh

1 King 17:20
And he cried unto Yahweh, and said, O Yahweh my God . . .

1 King 17:21b
And cried unto the Lord, and said, O Yahweh my God, I pray thee . . .

B.  Yahweh God answers his prayer

1 King 17:22
And Yahweh heard the voice of Elijah . . .

C.  Elijah calls on Yahweh at Mount Carmel

1 King 18:36b
Elijah the prophet came near, and said: Yahweh God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel ...

1 King 18:37
Hear me, O Yahweh, hear me . . .

D.  Yahweh God answers his prayer

1 King 18:38
Then the fire of Yahweh fell . . .

Elijah calls on Yahweh & God listens and answers him.   
This is true prayer.  Prayer becomes a dialogue.



A.  Elisha calls out to Yahweh

2 King 6:17
And Elisha prayed, and said, Yahweh, I pray thee . . .

2 King 6:20b
Elisha said, Yahweh, open the eyes . . .

B.  Yahweh answers Elisha's prayers

2 King 6:17b
And Yahweh opened the eyes ...

2 King 6:20c
So Yahweh opened their eyes ...

Elisha follows his master, Elijah.  Elisha calls on Yahweh & God listens and answers him.   

When prayer becomes a dialogue, we love to pray.  
We are motivated to build a close relationship with God.


Elijah & Elisha:  Stand Before Yahweh

How do these 2 prophets, Elijah and Elisha have such great faith that God answers them when they call out to "Yahweh"?

They have this life quality: 'standing before Yahweh' .


1 King17:1 ... Yahweh before whom I stand

1 King18:15 ... Yahweh before whom I stand


2 King 5:16 ... Yahweh before whom I stand....

Both prophets are very conscious of the fact that they 'stand before Yahweh'. Yahweh is the Living God. They always live in the presence of Yahweh.


What spiritual lessons can we learn from Elijah and Elisha?

1. Call out to Yahweh.

2. Stand before Yahweh.

Our Tsuen Wan Family has been learning both of these things on Sundays and in our weekly Bible Studies in the last few months.

Be ever conscious you are "Before Yahweh"
when you "call His Name"
as Yahweh
in front of you.


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