Day 9 Psalmists pray: "O Yahweh"

Let's have a quick look at Psalms 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 & 15 as these are Psalms praying to God.

I want you to pay attention to the first line of each Psalm, because they show you how the Psalmists enter into prayer.

What pattern do you notice in these prayers?

Psalm 3:1 O Yahweh, how many are my foes!

Psalm 5:1 Give ear to my words, O Yahweh ...

Psalm 6:1 O Yahweh, rebuke me not in your anger ....

Psalm 7:1 O Yahweh my God, in you do I take refuge...

Psalm 8:1 O Yahweh, our Lord ...

Psalm 9:1 I will praise thee, O Yahweh, with my whole heart.

Psalm 10:1 Why, O Yahweh, do you stand far away?

Psalm 12:1 Save, O Yahweh, for the godly one is gone...

Psalm 13:1 How long, O Yahweh?

Psalm 15:1 O Yahweh, who shall sojourn in your tent?

We are only at Psalm 15, what do you notice right away in the prayers of the Psalmists when they go into God's presence?

The saints of old made it a point to call out to God's Name Yahweh when they enter into prayer. As we move along in this series, we will discover that it is so important to call God's Name when we enter into prayer.

For now, it is a good start for you to see that the OT saints call upon the Name of God "Yahweh" as soon as they enter into God's presence in prayer.


When you have some free time today, I urge you to find some quiet moments to continue reading the Psalms.

Start at Psalm 16 ... to Psalm 17... to Psalm 18 ... until you reach Psalm 41 where Book 1 finishes.

1.  Observe how the saints of old enter into prayer.
2.  Write down your observations.
3.  What pattern do you see?


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