Day 6 "Yahweh" is #1 Most Frequent Noun in the Bible

Gen 2:4 This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created, when Yahweh God made the earth and the heavens.

As early as the time of creation, God has already revealed His Name, Yahweh, to us.  Yahweh God created the earth and the heavens.

After I discovered that God's Name "Yahweh" appears so many times in the Bible, I
I checked the statistics in the concordance.

Lo and behold, the following truth was revealed to me:

Yahweh is the No. 1 Most Frequent Noun in the Bible.

Isn't this incredible?
What does this tell us?

When a word or a topic is frequently repeated, and not to mention that it ranks as the first most frequently used noun in the Bible, we best take note of its SIGNIFICANCE.

Take a look at the following word study statistics

You will be able to feel the IMPACT yourself.

1. Here is a list of 35 most frequently used words in the Bible. Here, I am using the KJV version.

2. The first 10 most frequently used words are all prepositional words, articles and conjunctions. Prepositions are needed for sentences to make sense grammatically. They will of course occur frequently.

For eg. "AND' appears 28,364X. This is a conjunction, a word we often use in our everyday expression. It would be ridiculous to say the word "and" is the most important subject in the Bible. This is not even a noun, a subject matter.

3. The first noun that appears the most is the word Lord.

**Please note: In most of our English translations, the word Yahweh is translated as LORD. Whenever you see LORD all capitalized in your Bible - the original Hebrew text is "Yahweh". As time goes on, I will explain to you why such an 'unfortunate' situation occurred in the translation.

Suffice for us today is to note the following:

a.  The word "Lord" appears 7365X in the entire Bible.
b.  6828X refers to Yahweh, God's Name.

4. If you look further down the statistics, can you see which 'noun' has the NEXT most frequent occurrence?

Yes, the word 'GOD' - 4293X.

Yahweh has 6828 occurrences.
God has 4293 occurrences.

What conclusion can we draw from these insights?

**Yahweh - God's Name is much more important than the word 'God'.**

Think about this!

What does that reveal to you about the mind of God?


Meditate on this question before you move on to the next article.

I am using these questions to help you dig deeper into the Word of God so that you learn to think through the matters yourself. 

When you discover the answer yourself, you always appreciate the answer more.  These leading questions are very important for you to meditate deeply into God's Word.

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